Backpage Phoenix, the Craigslist Alternative to Buying/Selling Online

Backpage Phoenix

UPDATED, April 2016 Backpage was Shut Down! – see bottom of article for update and we wouldn’t recommend using Backpage for anything any longer and stick to Craigslist!

If you are looking for another place online to target people in Phoenix, AZ to buy and sell online similar to Craigslist Phoenix you need to check out Backpage Phoenix.

In 2011, Backpage was the second largest classified ad listing service on the Internet in the United States after Craigslist.

Also, there are some really great categories on Backpage Phoenix they get a lot of traffic for vs. Craigslist like Guns, Pets, Autos, Jobs and Furniture.

Backpage use to be part of the Phoenix New Times but have developed independently again into their own site and entity and still get a ton of local Phoenix website traffic.

Most of their categories are free to use or post on but then they have some upgraded features if you want to post your businesses products or services.

This can be another great way for you to advertise your business, get a job, make money flipping items on Backpage or getting more exposure to anything you want to sell.

Also, it’s like an online flea market or garage sale of sorts where you can find rare items or services that are offered locally in the Phoenix, AZ metro market.

The one caveat to Backpage and many online classifieds sites is there are dating sections or in Backpage’s case a bad section but in 2017 they announced they are removing that section because of the scrutiny they received over the years.

Backpage vs. Craigslist

Backpage vs Craigslist in the US you can see is a bit far off however Backpage is still a top 500 website via an Amazon web stat company.

backpage phoenix


craigslist phoenix

Backpage Phoenix Guns

Another big advantage of Backpage is being able to buy and sell guns in which a state like Arizona is really big on especially with cool place to go shooting like Scottsdale Gun Club.

Arizona is a very gun law friendly state and is open carry so there are a lot of gun enthusiasts in Phoenix, AZ that can use Backpage for that purpose.

Backpage Small Business

One other huge advantage of Backpage if you are a small business and have a website with most categories you can upgrade your ads on Backpage and have your website linked from the ads which will help your local SEO or Search Engine Optimization of your website and help you rank a little better for the related local keywords and content for your website.

The caveat there is it’s still only one link to your website but it’s still a powerful one and can definitely help you with your digital marketing efforts locally.

Backpage Phoenix Pets

Lastly another stand out category is pets. In today’s digital world their really are only a few places to find pets locally online. It’s craigslist and backpage. Yes, there are national pet sites and you can go to your local shelters or the Arizona Humane Society.

However, the days of using the newspaper have become the days of using online classifieds sites to sell and buys pets whether you are a looking for or want to sell dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, snakes or any other legal pet.

Backpage Phoenix is a great alternative or combo site to use with Craigslist in many ways when using the sites as a locally focused online marketplace of sorts in Phoenix Arizona and other local cities like Tucson and Prescott.

Backpage Shut Down

As of April,6th 2018 if you go to you get this shut down notice.

Learn More here at AZCentral

backpage shutdown


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