Top 3 Things You Need to Know About the Scottsdale Gun Club

scottsdale gun club

If you are looking to visit the Scottsdale Gun Club off Northsight BLVD. in Scottsdale these are three things that can help your visit. As a gun owner and have used the gun range at the Scottsdale Gun Club I would highly recommend it to anyone to visit, learn how to shoot a gun, and practice so you are able to defend yourself if you ever need to. Also, if you need gun supplies or guns they offer a great inventory as well as Amazon has really cool gun accessories like this you should check out as well.

Here are the top 3 Things that can Help you when you go there.

Scottsdale Gun Club Range Fees

Currently, it’s $15 dollars per hour per person to use the range. They also rent Semi automatic guns for anywhere from $15 per hour for hand guns and $99 for machine gun packages and up. And fully automatics start about $65.00 and up for an AK-47, FM-9 and others.

This doesn’t include ammo or targets.

Scottsdale Gun Club Membership

They currently have memberships starting at $24.95 a month that is available to all active/reserve duty military and law enforcement individuals. However, their standard membership is $29.95 for use of their 24 shooting lanes with no range fees. There is also a $49.95 initiation fee for this membership to get started and has a lot of other perks likes 2 Free handgun rentals each year, 1 Free Members T-shirt, 6 guest passes a year and more.

There is also a Family membership for 2 adults and 2 minors for $59.95 a month with a $100 initiation fee and a titanium membership that includes private lanes, shower/locker rooms access and a private lounge.

Scottsdale Gun Club Classes

Whether you are a beginner or want to learn more advanced tactics the Scottsdale Gun Club has well over 20 classes ranging from hard target training, handgun cleaning seminar, concealed weapons permit CCW, family firearms safety and more.

Classed can hold up to 36 people and are spacious. comfortable, and are in start of the art classrooms at their facility. They are also taught by experienced and certified professional gun instructors.

Also, if you are looking for some highly reviewed Gun scopes check out the latest here or visit Scottsdale Gun Club locally for help.

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