Craigslist Phoenix #1 Most Visited Site in Arizona

According to Amazon’s company Craigslist Phoenix is the #1 most visited website in the state of Arizona just edging out AZ Central. Alexa no longer shows Craigslist Phoenix rankings as of Sept 2020 you can read about why they stopped showing that here. We tracked this for years and Craigslist was always in the top 5 and usually #1 site most visited in Arizona.

If you think about that for a second it’s actually pretty amazing that a site that has never changed their web design and is a simple basic list started by Craig Newmark out of San Francisco is really visited and trafficked that much.

Craig Newmark started Craigslist by just sharing a list of items for sale with a small email list of friends and turned it into an online classifieds beast really taking out the classifieds newspaper business city by city. They did this before Social media even existed and never had to worry about implementing social media accounts. They don’t have a sales team member selling listings and they started making money selling job ads or at least charging for them and help job seekers with job alert. Trucking companies as an example will post employer bids for when they hiring experienced CDL offering a competitive compensation. Craigslist offers free sections to post for example restaurant equipment, room openings, skilled trade services. Also, we have seen property management companies post their rentals to achieve occupancy and resident retention.

Craigslist really keeps their first staff members as the only team members listed on their About Us page which is Jim the CEO, and Craig the founder.

They have a community or community’s marketing them by word of mouth and having great Google search engine optimization or Phoenix SEO. People will actually search “craigslist + the city they are in” to get to the site. For example, “Craigslist Phoenix” is searched well over half a million times a month on Google.

On Craigslist in Phoenix as in many cities every post is free other than the job listings and people can use it to connect with the Phoenix, AZ communities and the cities within it by learning about job openings, items for sale, events, gigs and more.

It’s also very powerful for people or businesses wanting to sell their products, items, or services. We know of skilled licensed contractors that post their service in the relevant categories that get them an extra 20-30 calls or leads per month conservatively.

Craigslist also has the Craigslist app and the Craigslist app which is new is always in the top 20 to 50 for “shopping” on the Apple app store. Here is more information about the Craigslist app from SimilarWeb that tracks the craigslist app and other apps and website rankings.

There is a FREE resume search as well under the Phoenix Craigslist job posting categories where you can search for people available to fill any of you local jobs.

Another great category of Craigslist Phoenix is the office / commercial category. This is where you can post an office space you have for rent or find office space in Phoenix that meets your needs without needing to work with a commercial broker. You can contact the person or company posting the office space directly and sort by map location or search parameters you choose.

Lastly, there are forums for different interests and personal for dating in Arizona. And if you are in Tucson, Prescott, Flagstaff or other outskirt areas of Phoenix, you can sort by your closer local Craigslist. Like Craigslist Tucson or Craigslist Prescott as examples.

If you want to learn more about Craigslist and it’s founder this a great book to check out and learn how they grew their site.