Michael Floyd Gets DUI in Scottsdale, Dropped by Arizona Cardinals, and Picked up by Patriots

Michael Floyd, former Notre Dame Wide Receiver (where he also had alcohol and DUI issues) and a star first round draft pick of the Arizona Cardinals recently got a DUI in Scottsdale, Arizona after losing on the road to the Miami Dolphins where that sealed their fate at that playoffs and hopes for a 2017 Super Bowl. A police officer was behind him at a light on Camelback and Goldwater and found Michael Floyd asleep at the wheel with his foot on the brake.

After getting his DUI in Scottsdale, AZ, Bruce Arians had a press conference and shortly after the Arizona Cardinals got rid of Michael Floyd with Michael Bidwill saying he had no remorse and didn’t like how he handled it.

With Michael Floyd in his 4th year and close to a break out will the Arizona Cardinals regret their decision down the line with the New England Patriots picking him off waivers?

Michael Floyd really hasn’t been great so far but we have a feeling this was due to the system and horrible Quarterback situation the Arizona Cardinals have with Carson Palmer who has been an interception machine as of late and with a predictable offense going to David Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald every down.

Also, next year might a be a great year to pick up Michael Floyd in Fantasy Football because with a quarterback like Tom Brady and genius coaching staff at the New England Patriots who seem to pick up players that get in trouble at the right time (LeGarrette Blount) it could be a break out year for Michael Floyd.

With Michael getting let go like this, and still being young since Floyd’s age being 27 (was born November, 27th, 1989) we feel like Michael Floyd’s stats are about to blow up next year if not this year when New England Patriots make another Super Bowl run.

I have a funny feeling this set back for Micheal Floyd is going to turn into a wake up call and opportunity for his career and help the New England Patriots.

UPDATE: Here is the Footage of Michael Floyd’s DUI Arrest in Scottsdale and the video shot from the body camera from one of the arresting Scottsdale Police officers

Update: December 21st, 2016..