Considering Plastic Surgery in Phoenix? How to Find a Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

Whether you are thinking about getting Breast Augmentation or a Mommy Makeover figuring out how to choose a plastic surgeon in the Phoenix area is important for many reasons. Some of the reasons include it’s in an investment in yourself and self esteem and involves your body, face, skin and other areas you would like to improve.

Here are a list of the 4 Top ways to Choose a Plastic Surgeon in Phoenix, AZ or any other city for that matter, including a suggestion based on these tips.

  • Check Reviews (on Google, Facebook, RealSelf)
  • Look at before and after galleries, and if they don’t have one run away
  • Schedule a Consultation to learn more, don’t just go based off online information meet the plastic surgeon as well.
  • Try one procedure and see how the experience goes. If you still aren’t sure after a consultation maybe try a smaller cosmetic surgery procedure like botox.

One of our suggestions for Plastic Surgery in Phoenix is Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Clinic.

As we mentioned about checking reviews, he has over 234 Google reviews

Here is their contact information for a consultation

Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery

 2310 W Ray Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224

(480) 686-8121

Best Plastic Surgeon in Scottsdale that Offers Breast Augmentation & Plastic Surgery

If you are searching for plastic surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction or other cosmetic surgery services in the Scottsdale area it’s sometimes hard to sift through Google results and choose who is the best plastic surgeon.

Sometimes you turn to social media and ask a friend but again somethings are better suited when you keep them private and/or sharing is better once your plastic surgery procedure is complete.

We recently found out a very well known Cosmetic Surgery center in Chandler, AZ is expanding and has opened a new plastic surgery office in the Scottsdale area.

So now it’s convenient for people in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley are to go to their local plastic surgeon office in Scottsdale, AZ vs. Chandler.

Also, patients that have flown in from all over the country can use their Scottsdale airport to fly in for a procedure and fly out a lot more easily.

They don’t only cater to women in Scottsdale they also help men as well. For example, they offer gynecomastia surgery in Scottsdale to help men with male breast reduction or “man boobs”.

They also are the best vein treatment center for varicose, spider, and laser vein treatments in Scottsdale, AZ.

One of the ways we determine best services providers to share with our audience on AZCharged is the companies have to have a great online presence with positive reviews, social media outlets to connect, and great ratings online with sites like the BBB, and in their case RealSelf (a BBB of sorts for plastic surgeons).

For example, Ciao Bella has over 40 reviews verified on Facebook with 4.6 star average reviews which a really high.

And if you think that is good, you haven’t seen nothing yet. One of the reasons we decided to highlight Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery in Scottsdale besides opening their new location is they have over 210 reviews currently with 4.9 review rating (practically 200+ 5 star reviews) on BirdEye that have been verified as well.

ciao bella cosmetic surgery

And on Google they have over 100 verified reviews with a 4.7 rating of those reviews!!

google reviews

As you can see by their online reviews and social media channels they are a trustworthy option in Scottsdale if you need a plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgeon services.

If you would like to call them and schedule a consultation call them today at their Scottsdale location:

22455 N. Miller Rd. B100
Scottsdale, AZ 85255