How many dentists are in Arizona?

In the last 20 years, the dental healthcare scene in Arizona has grown a lot. From 2001 to 2019, the number of dentists jumped from 2,349 to 4,012. This big increase shows Arizona’s efforts to make more dental services available to its people.

The growth in dentists not only means more are available. It also means Arizona can better take care of its people’s dental needs. Now, anyone asking ‘How many dentists are in Arizona?’ will be happy to know there’s plenty of dental care to go around.

Key Takeaways

  • The number of dentists in Arizona has shown a significant growth from 2001 to 2019.
  • A higher number of dental care providers in Arizona reflects a commitment to enhancing healthcare access.
  • Increased dental care options point to an improved healthcare infrastructure.
  • The state’s actions support the need of residents seeking reliable dental services.
  • A broadened dental workforce suggests an effort to cater to Arizona’s demographic growth.

Overview of Arizona’s Dental Care Providers

Arizona stands out in healthcare, especially in dental care. The state hosts many Arizona dental care providers ready to serve. They meet the growing health needs, with dental clinics in Arizona rapidly increasing.

From small local practices to big dental groups, Arizona has it all. Patients get various services from Arizona dental specialists. These include orthodontics, pedodontics, periodontics, and oral surgery. All dentists practice with a valid license, showing the high standards they follow.

As Arizona’s population grows, the demand for skilled dentists rises. Many professionals now meet the American Dental Association (ADA)’s strict requirements. This ensures communities have access to quality dental care.

  • Licensed General Dentists
  • Certified Dental Specialists
  • ADA Recognized Clinics
  • Active License Requirements

Arizona offers a wide range of dental services. This shows how varied dental care is for residents.

Service TypeProviderADA RecognitionLicense Status
General DentistryLocal ClinicsYesActive
OrthodonticsSpecialist OfficesYesActive
PeriodonticsDental GroupsYesActive
PedodonticsChildren’s Dental CentersYesActive
Oral SurgerySurgical SpecialistsYesActive

Arizona is filled with dental clinics and skilled dentists. This ensures residents get dental care that fits their needs. There is also a big focus on educating and training dental professionals. This keeps Arizona’s dental services top-notch, focusing on good oral health and hygiene.

Trends in Arizona’s Dental Workforce

Arizona shows its commitment to oral health with its growing dental workforce. Over a broad timeframe, there’s been a noticeable change. More dental pros are available and spread out across communities.

Evolution of Dentist Numbers from 2001 to 2019

From 2001 to 2019, Arizona saw a big leap in dental pros. This jump from 2,349 to 4,012 shows more options for dental care. Locating a dentist in Arizona has gotten easier, thanks to more Arizona dental professionals.

This growth is good news for patients and experts looking at healthcare trends. It means more chances to find a dentist in Arizona. Arizona’s ability to offer a wide range of dental services has gotten stronger.

Dentist-to-Population Ratio Analysis

The dentist-to-population ratio is key to understanding dental care access. In 2001, Arizona had 44.54 dentists for every 100,000 people. By 2019, that number rose to 55.12. This increase shows Arizona’s commitment to better healthcare.

These stats show it’s getting easier to find a dentist in Arizona. They mean better access and shorter wait times for dental services. Now, finding a dentist for regular or special care is easier for everyone.

Arizona’s dental care network is widespread, thanks to good planning. By using an Arizona dental directory, people can find local dentists easily. This helps in picking the right dental care provider.

YearNumber of Active DentistsDentists per 100,000 Residents

These changes show Arizona’s dedication to making dental care an essential part of health and wellness. It’s more accessible now to everyone.

Arizona Dental Directory

Looking for reliable dental care in Arizona? The Arizona Dental Directory is your go-to source. It lists all kinds of dental professionals across the state. From routine check-ups to special treatments, finding the right dentist is easy with this directory.

This directory covers everything from general dentistry to specialties like orthodontics and periodontics. It’s perfect not just for patients but for dentists looking to network too. Everyone can find what they need in one place.

Dental SpecialtyDescriptionContact Information Availability
General DentistryProvides a wide range of dental services including preventative care and routine maintenance.Extensive listings
OrthodonticsSpecializes in the correction of irregularities of the teeth and jaw, primarily using braces or aligners.Selected practices
PeriodonticsFocused on the treatment of gum diseases and related oral conditions.Specialized clinics
EndodonticsConcerned with dental pulp and tissues surrounding the roots of a tooth, known for performing root canal treatment.Expert practitioners
Oral SurgeryPerforms surgeries related to the face, mouth and jaw, including extractions and corrective surgeries.Qualified surgeons
Pediatric DentistryDedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through the teen years.Child-friendly environments

The Arizona Dental Directory shows how dental care in the state is getting better. It proves Arizona’s dedication to top-notch dental services. Plus, it helps dentists connect with the community more effectively.

How to Find a Dentist in Arizona

Finding a dentist in Arizona is easy, thanks to the many options available. The state offers a wide variety of dental clinics and specialized professionals. They are ready to meet your oral health needs. It’s easier to find what you need with the right resources and knowledge about specialties.

If you’re starting to look for dental specialists in Arizona, check the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners’ database first.

Utilizing the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners’ Resources

The Arizona Board of Dental Examiners (BODE) has a useful directory. It lists licensed dental practitioners including their qualifications and specialties. It helps people find credible and qualified dentists easily.

Arizona Dental Specialties and Professionals

Specialization in dentistry helps meet different patient needs. Arizona offers a wide range of dental specialties. From orthodontics that straightens teeth to periodontics focusing on gum health. There’s a vast network of dental specialists available.

Dental SpecialtyDescriptionServices Offered
General DentistryFocuses on basic dental care and maintenance for all agesCleanings, Fillings, Exams
OrthodonticsSpecializes in diagnosing, preventing, and correcting misaligned teeth and jawsBraces, Invisalign, Retainers
PeriodonticsConcentrates on the health of gums and the supporting structures of teethGum Disease Treatment, Dental Implants
EndodonticsConcerned with treating diseases and injuries of the tooth pulpRoot Canals, Endodontic Surgery
Oral SurgeryHandles complex surgical procedures involving the mouth, jaws, and faceTooth Extractions, Corrective Jaw Surgery

Having the right dental care is crucial for good health. Arizona offers the resources to easily find a good dental specialist. This makes choosing the right one both convenient and reassuring.

Implications of the Number of Dental Clinics in Arizona

Arizona has seen more dental clinics open statewide. This growth shows how health services are reaching more people. More dental clinics mean better and varied dental care for everyone.

Assessing the Availability of Dental Services

Having more dental clinics means better access to healthcare. It’s easier for people in Arizona to find a good dentist now. With more clinics, people can get both regular and special dental care quickly.

Determining the Desirability of Dental Practice Locations

For dental professionals, choosing where to work is important. They look at the number of dentists and population to decide. They also examine what care is available to spot opportunities. Analyzing these factors helps them make smart choices in where to set up practice. For example do they want to be a dentist in Phoenix, AZ or a smaller city like Glendale, AZ and specialize in Orthodontics and braces.


Arizona’s dental sector has changed a lot over time. This change shows in the growing number of dental pros and better spread across people. From 2,349 dentists in 2001 to 4,012 by 2019, the growth is huge. This answers the question, “How Many Dentists Are in Arizona” with a clear yes to growth and better services. Not just in numbers, these steps show in the quality of dental care in Arizona now.

Finding a dentist in Arizona has gotten much easier. This is great news for everyone living there. The Arizona Dental Directory helps by giving tons of info to help find the best dentist. With help from the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners, people have what they need to make smart choices for their teeth.

To wrap it up, Arizona’s dental care has come a long way thanks to the state’s hard work. There are more dental care experts now, which means more and better services. As time goes on, people in Arizona can look forward to even better dental care. This means top-notch oral health is within reach for everyone.

Best Dentists in the Phoenix Arizona Metro Area

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Best Dentists in Scottsdale

Studio B Smiles

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Invisalign Scottsdale and Phoenix

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8952 E. Desert Cove, #108 | Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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